Hood Cleaning

The Importance of Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hoods are an important ventilation system in any commercial kitchen. They are responsible for pulling out harmful materials and particles from the air including grease, smoke, and various odors. This keeps the kitchen a cleaner and more healthy environment for the people working in it, as well as the food being prepared.

As these particles are pulled up through the hood, some remain and create layers of grease and grime inside the hood and ventilation system. If left alone, this build up can become a serious hazard, leading to problems like unpleasant odors, decreased ventilation, and even kitchen fires.

The potential of a kitchen fire from build up in ventilation hoods is so serious that the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) includes cleaning them regularly in their preventative requirements for commercial cooking operations. The NFPA 96 Standard recommends that kitchen hoods be cleaned professionally between one month to one year, depending on the type of food cooked, type of fuel used, and how much volume is being cooked in each individual kitchen. It is legally required that you have your kitchen hood regularly cleaned for health and safety reasons. If you are not complying with this your restaurant may incur fines or even face closure.

Each hood is composed of multiple parts: filters to block debris, fans to pull in the air, grease trap trays to collect the grease, and the ductwork through which the air travels. Each of these parts must be taken apart and cleaned to ensure the whole system is dealt with appropriately. Taking the time to clean all the components of a hood separately also ensures that all the parts are functional and in working order.

While it is possible to clean the hood yourself, it is recommended to get the whole system cleaned regularly by professionals. It is a major job which requires expertise in knowing the type of hood you have, the many components involved, how to clean each part with the right chemicals and tools, the ability to check their function, and put it all back the right way. The hood in a commercial kitchen is so vital to keeping the whole production running, you do not want to risk a fire or other hazards due to build up or insufficient cleaning.

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